Sunday, 25 April 2010

If you fall asleep down by the water....


This girl is something else

I've had serious blog neglect, and I have no excuse for it

So I'm sorry to all the many people that check this, all two of you's time to start using it again, yes Yes YES.. It's TIME



These past few weeks have been fan-Tas-TIC

The weather recently has been unbelievable and I've managed to use the whole time actually doing things, opposed to sitting in my house, drinking coke, watching The Wire, on my own.....sigh. But no, not the last few weeks have been brilliant

These days have been taken up by

Playing ping pong and drinking cider at Eme's wonderful house, and....

pillow race?

Just a song about ping pong

Spending longggg days walking across my girlfriends farm


Pretty green

Things have been very VERY good, that's a fact

Butttt now the suns gone and college has returned

oh and it's one in the morning, jesus....goodnight!

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